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Candice PINONCELYOwner of the Hameau
Candice is a lifelong skiing, horseback riding, travel and adventure enthusiast. She oversees the entire operation of the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU. A Savoyard by all but birth, she first spent her summer and winter holidays in Courchevel before making it her home all year round.

Her extensive professional experience as a production manager in event agencies combined with her keen interest and passion for “off the beaten track” adventures led her to travel the world.

Her all-or-nothing, meticulous character is reflected in the décor of the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU, which she created from scratch, with flair! With the help of Olivier Gay (architect and childhood friend), Candice has taken particular care to imbue the hameau with a meaningful narrative: “the dream world of the mountains” as she imagines it. Her keen eye for detail and her taste for originality combine to create a world reflecting not just her knowledge and imagination but also her pragmatism.

Ultimately, the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU displays its exceptional decoration, a fanciful world that subtly carries you away to a timeless magical place. An extraordinary tale told in a unique setting, a memorable affair to experience!
Marc LAZZARONIOwner of the Hameau
Marc is a native son of Courchevel and a high mountain guide with UIAGM certification. He grew up in a family with roots in Courchevel for several generations. In fact, the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU is built on a family plot of land. His Alpine heritage combined with his entrepreneurial spirit were both consequential to the idea of creating something on this “pretty little piece of land”.

An ambitious project – without being conspicuous or ostentatious - with a genuine desire to welcome guests, family, friends, and vacationers alike, to share his appreciation of the mountains.

Marc continues to cultivate this vision with his clients around the world on ski and adventure trips throughout the Alps and even to Arctic regions.

Marc is always at your disposal to share his passion and offer invaluable advice to help you discover the mountains and the Courchevel resort he loves so much in a whole new way.
Harrison LAZZARONIManager of the Hameau
The son of Marc, Harrison grew up between Perpignan and Courchevel. His love for the mountains and the resort naturally led him to settle in Courchevel year-round. He knows the resort like the back of his hand!

His discreet and generous character makes him the perfect person to take care of you. He will be your priority contact during your entire stay.
Harrison is a key member of our organisation and you will quickly realize that with him, nothing is impossible! Always at your service and available, he will make do his absolute best to fulfil your requests, and to provide valuable advice.

Above all, he wants you to be completely delighted by your stay at the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU and completely in love with the resort at departure time. Which means you will always see him with a smile on his face, eager to enhance your stay with kindness and sensitivity.
Paul PIRESHead Chef
Paul Pires has been cooking since the age of 16. As part of his training as a prize-winning chef he has worked with many eminent chefs, specifically Mr. Jacob, the chefs of Courchevel palaces (Mr. Rochedy & Mr. Buron of the hotel Chabichou, Mr. Nicolas Sale of the K2 Palace) and Mr. Desborde of the Bristol in Paris, as well as many notable chefs abroad.

Armed with his extensive experience, he decided to return and settle in his native Courchevel, where his family has roots dating back many generations.
He defines his cuisine as simple and efficient with seasonal products and candid flavors, using a light and healthy approach.

In 2015, he created his company of private chefs. His expertise and professionalism make him the perfect candidate to provide tailor-made solutions at the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU that meet and exceed your expectations: breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even all three, with his classic or modern cuisine, depending on your taste. You will enjoy a wide selection of wines to accompany the meals and a maître d’hôtel for the service if you wish.

His remarkable team of chefs and maîtres d’hôtel, all with a solid professional background, is at your disposal to take care of your meals with discretion and efficiency, from purchase and preparation through table service, so you can simply, and fully enjoy your stay.
Aymline VILLIEN-GROSHead Housekeeper
A true house fairy, as demanding as she is perfectionist, Aymline is dedicated to luxurious and refined accommodations, for interiors that are always impeccable!

Fully involved and committed to providing quality service, Aymline and her team will quietly ensure the preparation, cleaning and maintenance of your haven of peace.

Her keen sense of organization and detail ensures meticulous, efficient service, discreetly maintaining your peaceful oasis. Her team’s only goals are to exceed your expectations and ensure your total comfort.
Les NavettesSignature fixtures of the Hameau
The presentation of the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU team would be incomplete if we didn’t mention our two shuttles!!

The most emblematic is an electric vehicle from Zermatt. A shuttle unlike any other whose unique appearance adds much to the hameau’s notoriety! Imported from Switzerland with you in mind, its look delights adults and children alike. An undeniable success since it first appeared on the roads of Courchevel, it has become an iconic emblem of the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU.

Fun, comfortable, clean (no combustion engine or exhaust fumes), easy to board even with ski boots (low ground clearance), group-friendly (sits 7 people) and reliable (weight and technical sophistication) make it the key to your safe, silent comings and goings on the winter roads. Your transfers to and from the slopes fully embody our notion of mobility in a mountain village.

To take you beyond Courchevel village, the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU also offers the "Caravelle" shuttle. A comfortable and flexible vehicle for up to 6 people, it has been completely redesigned to give it a unique and remarkable style: classic MARCANDOU!
Et aussi...Partners at your service
The team at LE HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU also includes a variety of carefully chosen partners, with a preference for local providers, to offer you the highest quality services.

Ski instructors, equipment rental companies, taxis, massage therapists, assorted service providers… a wide range of professionals to fully meet your expectations.