A collection of sensations
and unexpected pleasures

A desire to escape, to venture out, to marvel... The call of the summits, the desire for nature, a need for fresh air... Whether you want to exert yourself or relax, your passion for travel requires a new destination! You have great expectations. The right choice must be made... 

How to get off the beaten tracks? Why expect change if you’re looking at the same landmarks? More than just a place to stay, do you crave a real "somewhere else" that will provide unique and invaluable experiences?   



Here, sensory delights give you the feeling of perfect harmony with your surroundings. Inside and out, LE HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU unveils a continuous and fascinating pageant.

Outside, the property’s pristine environment allows you to fully reconnect with nature. 
The warm, artistic and incredibly creative worlds of the three chalets transport you into an alternate reality. A moving discovery of unique moments and new sensations, whatever the season, always with the mountains as background.


LE HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU has been imagined as a marvellous fairy tale, a delicate and thoughtful fairy tale that plays with reverie and revisits the stories of childhood. This timeless poetry obscures the reality of your daily life and constantly triggers new sensations.

What a chance to renounce typical, humdrum high-end accommodation and add a new dimension to your trip.

Whatever excites you, whatever you need, by staying at the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU you will experience the magic of total liberation, as surprising as it is comforting.


There is nothing ostentatious about the five stars of LE HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU. The sumptuous character of the three chalets that make up the hamlet displays its subdued elegance with great subtlety. A balance of modernity, tradition and whimsy that is as much a surprise as it is a source of tranquility and well-being.

You will appreciate the attention to detail and the luxurious quality of materials everywhere you look. An assortment of nature and genuine feelings also arise from the works of contemporary designers and the rich local craft traditions, reminiscent of the charm of the mountains of yesteryear. These wonderful, harmonious and meaningful aesthetic compositions convey the soul of the hamlet and transport you out of time.  

A fantastic, sometimes almost illusory prestige, unique to the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU, is further enhanced by the quality of thoughtful touches and unparalleled services, which also contribute to the enigma of our achievement.


The unspoiled enclave of HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU envelops you in a wonderful haven of peace. An incentive to reenergize in an idyllic natural setting, conducive to relaxation.

TheSISIMIUTILLULISAT and IKAMIUT chalets are surrounded by alpine vegetation and offer a mellow and delicate atmosphere that is truly relaxing for body and soul.

The attractive and restful charm of the living rooms and the refined comfort of the en-suite bedrooms are enhanced by the tranquility of the south-facing terraces, the heated pools (indoor/outdoor and outdoor), the outdoor Nordic bath, the steam rooms, etc.

Whether you are a family, a couple or a group of friends, you will find, at your convenience, everything you need to rejuvenate and soothe your body and soul.

Whether you’re a hard-core athlete, a leisure seeker orjust  a happy wanderer... you will leave the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU revitalized, light-hearted and content. An inner harmony that will keep you coming back, in winter and summer.


Far from typical offerings, LE HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU embodies a unique alchemy that surpasses conventional notions of luxury and hospitality to offer you an innovative, personalised experience.

Our success lies in the details, in the utmost attention and care, and in the anticipation and understanding of your specific expectations for truly memorable moments.

With our team and our partners at your service, an infinite number of possibilities lie within the hamlet, equalled only by the countless opportunities available throughout the whole 3 valleys area.

You wish to celebrate an event, organise an excursion, or have a specific amenity at your disposal?
To honor your most exceptional desires, we will always endeavor to deliver the most relevant solutions responding to your needs and wants.

Just relax and let us do the job. All you have left to do is dream.