An enchanting interlude 
in a dreamy setting

Once upon a time, there was a family plot of land in Courchevel Village: a high meadow bordering the woods, a vegetable garden, an old barn, unobstructed views of the mountains... There was also Marc & Candice: the stellar union of sound temperament and creative effervescence... A common passion for travel, adventure and wide-open spaces, combined with a shared sensitivity for craftsmanship and a quest for heady senations. Two stories that would happily merge to bring forth HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU in 2014.

This joint achievement of Marc & Candice, is also a meaningful emblem of their demanding standards. Always sensitive to the values of well-being and generosity, this good will is a family affair, tending to the hamlet down to the smallest detail. A human dimension that accompanies an unreserved commitment to offering an exceptional experience of comfort, charm and fantasy.


In the heart of the French Alps, in the famous 3 Valleys ski area, you have reached Courchevel Village, home to the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU. Your eyes immediately light up: you are struck by the stunning view of the mountains, a captivating panorama spreading above the rooftops. 

Once you have passed the distinguished totem pole which rises from the luxurious vegetation bordering the hamlet, you have crossed into a private dream world. Just ahead you will spot the life-size horse that welcomes you to the heart of the hamlet, as if sculpted in its glass encloure. The tone is set! Your stay will be fantastic, as surprising as it is unexpected.



After admiring the property, you are now struck by the architecture of the chalets. The three creations that make up the hamlet are each formed by unusual contrasts. An extraordinary ensemble that combines elegance, audacity, and tradition.

On your left, the ILULISSAT Chalet.
Full of promise, it merges an fully restored old wooden barn with a remarkable stone extension. Immediately under its spell, you have already spotted its outdoor swimming pool...


A few steps away, you approach the SISIMIUT Chalet
Majestic, it exhibits the contrasting combination of a traditional Swiss chalet in burnt wood with a perfectly contemporary extension in light-colored wood. The warm mist of the indoor/outdoor pool cleverly integrated into this marvel heightens your senses and invites you in without delay…

Finally, on your right, the IKAMIUT Chalet.
More intimate, it is distinguished by light plastered walls lined with chestnut logs which transition seamlessly to its other half clad in more traditional dark wood. Its hidden Nordic bath faithfully keeps its secrets.


Before you enter, you notice the NUUK Barn a little further on. As you approach this authentic mountain barn, it dawns on you that it could be a delightful venue for both your business meetings and fitness activities. 


The journey continues inside. Your fascination intensifies as you discover the stunning décor of each of the chalets: SISIMIUT, ILULISSAT and IKAMIUT have been devised and fitted out with skillfulness, favouring equally escape, comfort, and congeniality. 


You will notice that while each chalet has its own character, the whole complex reflects a consistent and always incredibly refined design. Sometimes surprising, always tasteful, the furniture and decoration fully resonate with the peaceful and genuine soul of the hamlet.

With nods to the charms of childhood, snug and protective cocoons, each  home is warm and dreamy, offering inventive connections between past, present and future. A marvelous harmony of warmth and creativity which follows from room to room with elegance. Won over, with stars in your eyes, you sense a total break from your normal day-to-day...


Because here time no longer exists, you realize that night has already fallen on the hamlet.

Outside, the mountains are now plunged into darkness, but LE HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU still has wonders in store for you. Oversized lights orchestrate a pleasant poetry of colors. Artistic lighting that plays with the reminiscence of the mountains, hidden here and there. Add in an exquisite night-time walk and complete the delightful enchantment that has thrilled you since your arr.


Now it's time to come to your senses. 

So far, the visit has been imaginary. In reality, the enchantment will only be more intense. In other words, your bags are still to be packed. The train is about to leave, the plane is about to take off, the car is in motion... Whatever your point of departure, we are looking forward to welcoming you here !


As you can see, LE HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU is a tremendously audacious success that meets all your requirements for comfort and service, for a 5-star break.

Whether for seasonal rentals, themed stays or business seminars, the SISIMIUTILULISSAT and IKAMIUT Chalets are at your disposal to recharge your batteries all year round.

The exceptional team of the HAMEAU DE MARCANDOU is always eager to satisfy your most specific requests and will make sure that your stay provides you with the multitude of splendid and unusual sensations that have made our reputation.